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Rental Standards

Rental Standards


The following summarizes the charges and minimum requirements to qualifiy for a rental property.

  • Earnest Money Deposits, Security Deposits and First Month's Rent MUST be made in the form of a Certified Check or Money Order.


  • Gross income equal to or exceed 3.5 times your monthly rent. Incomes can be combined. Child or spousal support may be include as a source of income: but Ohio Law provides that you are not required to disclose child or spousal support if you do not wish to have it included for income eligibility consideration.


  • Source of income must be verifiable, i.e. a tax return, W-2 form, a pay stub or other similar consideration.


  • At least one applicant must have been continuously employed for the last twelve months.


  • Applicant's credit report must be favorable.


  • No bankruptcy in the last 12 months. Must have re-established favorable credit history if a bankruptcy is noted.


  • Must have given proper notice to the last landlord, and have prompt payment history that is verifiable.


  • Must not have any evictions filed (not granted) against him/her within the last 5 years.


  • All applicants must reside in rental property full time and must be at least 18 years old.



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